CLIL Methods & Tools

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Padlet for your contributions! Thank you!


Online - Space for sharing ideas & tools: Padlet


1st survey with Socrative: What is your best lesson?

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Introduction to Economics

2nd survey with Mentimeter

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Needs: Task

1) Individual task: Make a list of items you need to survive as long as possible.

2) Group of 2: Compare the 2 lists and order them by priority


3) ... Make a priority list for the class.

Teamteaching: what do we already know

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oder CLIL Activity: Interactive presentation

1. Introduction to Economics Powerpoint
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Creation of Concept Maps and Videos

Game based learning: Quizlet or Jeopardy

Economic Theories & Game based learning


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Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

Learningapps for Business Administration

Interactive video: Alexander Graham Bell

Hangman game: Financial terms

Drag & Drop activity: Balance sheet

Learning Apps & Padlet


Task: Create your own Learningapps Acount

Research about one task and create your own learning app.


Entrepreneurship using "shark tank"

Shark tank ... 1st example

Shark tank task 1: Analyse the idea and identify potential questions of business angles.

What is the idea?

Where may be the origin of the idea?

What questions may the sharks have?

Do you think, Nearly Newlywed got funding? 

Shark tank task 2: Drip drop: 

What is the idea?

Where does the idea come from?

What are the questions of the sharks?

Where are the biggest issues?

What is the deal?

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Shark tank ... less serious...

Business ideas

Kickstarter Task: Analysis of Kickstarter Projects

Select your favourite kickstarter project.

What is the origin of the idea?

Identify criteria for success?


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Idea task: Develop and select your own business idea.

  • Each student should come up with 2 potential business ideas.
  • In addition: describe the origin of the business idea
  • Enter the ideas in socrative.
  • In groups of 2 select the best idea based on the selection questions.


Youth Start: Entrepreneurial challenges: B1 Hero Challenge

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Roleplay Hero Challenge:

1) Group of 3


2) Assignment of roles:

a) Students: prepare questions for an expert interview 10min 

b) Entrepreneurs (Heros): Think about a company (an entrepreneur of your choice) and prepare the key aspects of this business (products, customers, ...) 10 min 

c) Journalist who films the interview... check the equipment, smart phone, get ready for filming


3) Prepare for role


4) Interview


5) Presentation of the findings (Video,...): Journalist will present, show video,...

Working with business cases

The Times 100 Business Case Studies ( PD
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Troubles at the top: Major business failures

Troubles at the top: Josef Zotter

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Troubles at the top: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Annual Report 2019.pdf
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Analysis of an annual report

Group of 2

A) Analysis of the issues at JLR

1) Analyse Jaguar's Annual Report 2019: Balance sheet and its profit & loss statement.

2) Summarise the key findings. 


3) Do a research about the companies current position & write a short story (Word)

4) Create a short Video.


 5) How has the situation changed in 2021?


B) Analysis of any other firm in troubles 

Jaguar business failure neu.docx
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Thank you!