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Business English

Budget: Sankey Diagramm erstellen:



Create a Sankey diagram with the data for the following family.

Download the Sankey chart as a PDF and turn it in to Teams:



Average disposable income 2,000.00 (salary 64%, child support and other allowances 20%, dividends from assessments 10%, and income from subletting 6%)



Consumer spending and housing u energy: 800.00; transportation: 200.00; food: 200.00; recreation: 100.00; restaurants: 100.00; interior furnishings 70.00; clothing: 60.00; health: 50.00; telecommunications 50.00; other: 135.00;  


Savings: 235,00


What is the savings rate (as a % of income)?

40% of savings go into an account (payable daily)

60% of the savings are deposited in the savings book


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