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  1. Einführung / Gundlagen / Wohlstand und Lebensqualität / Wirtschaftsordnungen
  2. Markt und Preis
  3. Sozialpolitik
  4. Geld und Währung
  5. Wirtschafts- und Konjunkturpolitik
  6. Europäische Wirtschaft
  7. Internationale Wirtschaft
  8. Überblick der Ideengeschichte

Economics 17.2.2023

  • Look at the Economics Websites from Paula and from Kathrin
  • Create your own  WIX Website - Blog on Economics.
  • Write your first Blog (1 page) on the basics of Economics, include also some aspects from the concept maps (basics) and about Doghnuts Economics (approx. 1 page)

Schools Clean up Projekt

Sustainability: Climate change, ...: What is it and what can i do? ... Energy challenge conscious challenge

SDG Wasserchallenge ... SDG Bildung


Projekt: Sustainability Adventure mit den Hansen & Paul Heppner & Anna Koch & Momo... und ihrem Hund

1) Recherche und Report über nachhaltige Projekte in den Zielländern

2) Analyse des Wassers (Stefan Trybus, 2HKC, u. ev. Valentina Petrovic)


3) Vernetzung mit Schulen in den jeweiligen Ländern und Organisation von Danube (River/Water) Cleanups

... Schools Clean Up im Mai...

... Kontakt und Interview zu River Clean Ups ... 

--- Fragen: Erfahrungen mit Clean up, Probleme, Wie funktioniert Entsorgung lokal, Welche Tips, Worauf ist zu achten, Kennen Sie Schulen die mitmachen würden... Kontaktpersonen, Adressen


Kurzvideo über das Land, die Projekte und Clean Up Erfahrungen... 

Bis Freitag hob



4) Durchführung eines Danube Clean Ups


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MP3 Audio Datei 27.5 MB

Political Economy / Economics / Volkswirtschaft

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Business & Economics in English

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Economic Games

Economics in the news:


Nobel Price Laureate Paul Krugman: NY Times, Robert Shiller,...

Nobel Price Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and others: Project Syndicate

Critical Cambridge Economist: Ha Joon Chang in the Guardian

50 things that made the modern Economy



Online Economics Books


Right and Left side of Economics

Neo liberal think tank: Mises Org

Weekly American radical economist Richard Wolff

Ron Paul (Tea Party vs. Paul Krugman)


Newspaper & Magazins:

The Guardian

 The local: Austrian news in English

Business and Economic New Channel Bloomberg

The Economist


The Economics Book in different languages


Austrian News 

Die Presse/Economist

Der  Standard/Wirtschaft

Der Kurier/ Wirtschaft


Introduction to Economics 1: Basics: parts, models, basic systems, sustainability

Learning activity 1: Robinsons

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Learning activity 2: Vocab session: Introcution

Introduction Vocab exercise.ppt
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Learning activity 3 Team teaching: What do we know already about economics?

Teamteaching Introduction Economics.ppt
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Learning activity 4: Concept Maps: Introduction

CM Introduction to Economics 1 and 2.ppt
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1st model: Production Possibilities Curve

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Concept Maps: Introduction 1

CM Introduction to Economics 1 and 2.ppt
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Go tu Wizer me and fill out the following questionnaire:

What is wrong with traditional models...

2) Introduction to Economics: Market, Market model, Market structures

How markets work answers 2.9-2.19.ppt
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Presentation and CM market and price.ppt
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Market structures NEU 2.pptx
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AB_Market structures 1.docx
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Worksheet Economics.docx
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Business Cycles and Financial/Economic crises and counter cyclical economic policy

film analysis: inside job

Business Cycle, Measurement, Economic Crises, unemployment, business cycle Policies, Supply Side Economics, Demand Side Economics (Keynesian Economics)

Concept map business cycles.ppt
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Worksheet business cycle Schumpeter 4hrd
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Casestudies: Crisis of Capitalism (VLC player,...)

Chose 1 crises and make 1-2 page description of the respective crises. In addition make a short comparison to the corona crises. Where are similarities, where are differences?

1929 The great depression US and Europe/Austria

1638 Tulip crisis Netherlands

1970 - 1990 ... Deregulation of international Financial Markets / East Asia

2008 ... Global financial crisis 2008 and debts of US households

Employment, labor market, social policies

Occupation and earnings, trade unions, labour markets, unemployment, how to fight unemployment,

Social Policies: Health insurance, ...


Blog Entry on: David Card & Alan Krueger: Minimum wages, Monopsony; Angus Deaton: measuring consumption and poverty, Joseph Stiglitz Cost of inequality, Piketty: economics of inequality, Capitalism TV: Why Income inequality is a good thing, Milton Friedman: equality and poverty ...


Global Financial Crises 10 years after, what happened, Financialisation, lessons learned and evaluation

Money and inflation.ppt
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CM Money Inflation and Deflation 4hlw 20
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Development, Institutions, Euro, ECB, Monetary Policy, inflation, deflation

Budget, Tax System, Economic policy: government, Macro objectives, demand side, supply side, 

11 Europe

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European Council sets the directions and priorities.

It does not negotiate or adopt EU laws.

It is made up from the heads of states or government from each EU country.

It meets at least 4 times a year.

Meetings are chaired by the president of the European Council, selected every 2,5 years (currently: Donald Tusk).

Council of the European Union: negotiates and adopts EU legislation together with the EU Parliament.

It is made up from national ministers grouped together by policy area (national education ministers, finance ministers)

It develops and adopts policies, concludes agreements and budgets.

Presidency rotates among the member states every 6 month

Council of Europe in Strasbourg is not an EU institution. 

It consists of 48 member states including the 27 EU states.

This is the continents leading human rights organisation. 

EPAS Plattform, Learning Material

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Europe Task 1: In Group of 2 create a Video (PPT as MP4) on the following subjects:


Module 1: History of the EU, How and why did the European Union come into being?What were and are important goals of the EU? ... Podcast Stiefel Hürdenreiches Europa 


Module 2: You and the EU - impact on your life: Which issues is the EU responsible for and which is it not?In which areas does the EU have an influence on your everyday life?


Module 3: How does the EU work? What are the most important institutions of the EU?How is a European law created?


Module 4: Austria and the EU: How is Austria represented in the European institutions?What Austrian institutions are there with information on the EU?


Module 5: European values: What values unite the European Member States?What is the importance of human rights in the EU?


Module 6: Your voice in Europe: How can you get involved if you want to help shape the EU?What do you need to know for the next European elections?



07 European Union 2021_22 (2).pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 8.6 MB

Europe Task 2:


Topics for Blog Entry: International trade / politics

- Ukraine war... what are the sanctions? Are they working? What are the potential consequences for Russia?

- Chinas current role in a globalised world

- Green deal / green washing?

- EU and Russia, economical and political challenges

- Green Deal and international trade

- EU and the US 

- illiberal democracies in Europe (Hungary,...)

- ... topic of own choice



Economic and budgetary outlook EU 2022

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12 International Economics, Globalisation, ...

International Trade 1 incl Concept Map 2
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 2.6 MB

Potential topics for Blog entry (include also Economic Theory):

  • Modern trade wars, e.g. US vs. China
  • Economic measures taken in real wars (Sanctions against Russia)
  • The role of Europe as an international player
  • Why are some countries rich and others not?
  • David Ricardo and the myth of free trade (Hajoon Chang)
  • What does trade have to do with economic development?
  • Which role play global trade organisations (WTO...) and what are the key aspects of fair trade?
  • any other topic of your choice
Worksheet international trade_Martinovic
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Concept Map Mikrofinanzierung Englisch.p
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Atlas der Globalisierung: Trade and globalisation

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Theories of Economics

Choose a nobel price laureate for Economics and create a portrait on the person and the economic theory...




or any other important economist of your choice...


John Maynard Keynes (alt. BBC Documentation Masters of Money)

Theories of Economics: Karl Marx (alt. BBC Documentation Masters of Money)

Friedrich Hayek (alt. BBC Documentation: Masters of Money)

Game Theory

Behavioral Economics

Spieltheorie 4hlw 2020_21.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 43.1 MB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.9 MB

AA ... Who the hell is John Maynard Keynes?

Keynes in the light of the Financial Crisis 2008

1) Write down the key aspects of Keynesian Theory.

Translate 1 paragraph of the "Economic Consequences of the peace" in the pdf below.


2) Create a short presentation about the theory of a Nobel laureate of your choice.

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 656.5 KB

Economical Theories: Economics is for everyone...

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