Doughnut Economics

Donut Economics Didactics on Raworth cla
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What is wrong with this picture

Lets use this for Economics: What is wrong with this pictures...?

W.W. Rostow, Simon Kuznets

Circular Flow Model ... Paul Samuelsson

New Goals... the sweet spot

Donut Economics Kate Raworth

Doghnut Economics Chapter 1

Doughnut Economics Chapter One.pdf
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A Doughnut for the Anthropocene: humanity's compass in the 21st Century

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Team teaching: Donut Economics

Speaker Notes: Kate Raworth UN 2009

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Group 1: Biography of Kate Raworth

Who is Cate Raworth?

What are the most important publications?

George Monibot (Guardian) calls her ...?

Group 2: long view on temperature

What is the Holocene? What is the Anthropocene?

Name the key events in human history?

When it is significantly colder, what happens to sea levels?

What are ice cores?

Group 3: planetary boundaries

What are the 9 planetary boundaries according to Rockström et al? ... and why?


Group 4: too much!

Where did we go beyond the the environmental ceiling in 2009?

What happened until 2017?

Group 5 too little!

1) Estimate the short comings: How many do not have enough in each category? Which areas are the best/worst?

2) How much would it take to get them to the minimum levels?

Group 6: Explaining the donut

1) Explain Donut Economics in a short paragraph.

Group 7 The Great Acceleration

1) Interpret the charts and its consequences (W. Steffen)

Group 8 Turning Ideas of Donughnut Economics into action

1) Explore some real life examples of places engaging with the Doughnut and tell 3 stories of your own choice.