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Im Auftrag des BK Amtes, des Ministeriums für Digitalisierung und der Industriellenvereinigung wurde die Initiative der „MINT-Girl Challenge“ ins Leben gerufen. Mädchen und Frauen sollen dabei in den vier Feldern ihr Können unter Beweis stellen und zu einem selbst ausgewählten Problem (siehe SDGs der UNO) kreative Lösungsvorschläge liefern. Ob Text, Video, Comic - alles ist erlaubt. 
Burschen dürfen in den Teams auch mitarbeiten, aber keine gleichgeschlechtlichen Teams bilden - wäre nicht so gut, wenn Burschen die MINT-Girl Challenge gewinnen. 
Nähere Infos: https://mint-girls.at
Es findet dazu eine Infoveranstaltung am 5. Mai um 14:00 statt, zu der man sich oder die Schüler*innen anmelden kann: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=4VuTwDLQ3kqQFpA7UXnMBrlHbnlCpo1BvxYzNWp33UVUNjhVSEFJSkJNQ09DMFdWUDBWUzZXT0tIWC4u



1) Choose 1 Global Goal (use the agenda of Burgenland) and  write a report on the status:

2) Use Mathematics, IT, Natural Science or Technology to develop your own idea how to improve...

3) Create a Video, Audio, Picture, ... to present your idea

4) Register on the mint-girls Plattform

5) Publish your idea on a public plattform e.g. Youtube,...

6) Hand in your idea on the mint-platform by June 15th





Economic Games

Economics in the news:


Nobel Price Laureate Paul Krugman: NY Times, Robert Shiller,...


Nobel Price Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and others: Project Syndicate


Critical Cambridge Economist: Ha Joon Chang in the Guardian


50 things that made the modern Economy






Right and Left side of Economics

Neo liberal think tank: Mises Org



Weekly American radical economist Richard Wolff 


Ron Paul (Tea Party vs. Paul Krugman)



Newspaper & Magazins:

The Guardian


 The local: Austrian news in English 


Business and Economic New Channel Bloomberg


The Economist



The Economics Book 



Austrian News 

Die Presse/Economist


Der  Standard/Wirtschaft


Der Kurier/ Wirtschaft




00 Introduction

Learning activity 1: Robinsons

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 891.8 KB

Learning activity 2: Vocab session: Introcution

Introduction Vocab exercise.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 6.3 MB
AA1 Glossary economics_Introduction_Oct8
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 42.6 KB

Learning activity 3 Team teaching: What do we know already about economics?

Teamteaching Introduction Economics.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 9.0 MB

Learning activity 4: Concept Maps: Introduction

CM Introduction to Economics 1.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 8.6 MB
CM Introduction to Economics 2.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 2.9 MB

Corona and the economy

M. Widmer: Coronavirus - its economic impact (4hrd 2019-20, Bergheidengasse)

S. Görlich: The Corona Virus - facts (4hrd 2019-20, Bergheidengasse)

Choose one of the Economists analysis on Corona and make a blog entry on your website. Don't forget to quote the Economist:

What do we need to know on the 2nd wave?


How Covid could change the financial world order?


What happens to the global economy?


How Covid will change the world?


Stockmarket vs the economy


Understanding the economic shock of Covid.


Why travel may never be the same again.


Why vaccine mistrust is growing.


Why is Americas death toll so high?


Will Covid kill globalization?


Bill Gates is predicting the end of pandemic.


What has president Trump done to America?


What a Biden victory could mean to America?


What is climate change and what can i do?

A good day has 100 Points

01 Basic1:

01 a Concept Map Volkswirtschaft Grundla
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 6.1 MB

key words: needs, wants, micro, macro, scarcity, Production possibility curve, opportunity cost, min. max Principle, circular flow model and its conflicts

02 Basic 2:

02_Concept Map Volkswirtschaft Grundlage
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 183.5 KB

key words: key measures: GDP, issues with gdp inequality, inflation, unemployement rate, Gini Coefficient, sustainability, other measures


Growth of the Economy: GDP, rate of Unemployment, rate of Inflation



Bob Kennedy on GDP Issues: environment, sustainability,...


03 Economic Systems:

AA: Choose one Economic System and make a short description by 17.6.2020:

03_Concept Map Wirtschaftsordnungen 2018
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 8.6 MB

What is justice?



Types of Economic Systems



Nixon und Khrushchev at the American Fair in Moscow 1959


04 Market 1

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 245.8 KB
Presentation and CM market and price.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 6.6 MB
How markets work answers 2.9-2.19.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 920.0 KB
04_Concept Map Markt 2018_19.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 4.7 MB

Supply Curve, Demand curve, Market Model, Assumptions, shifts of curves, shifts on curves 

Indiana Jones and the market



MR University: Demand curve, consumer surplus, shifts, supply curve, producer surplus, shifts,Market Equilibrium




05 Market 2

Market structures NEU 2.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 1.1 MB
AB_Market structures 1.docx
Microsoft Word Dokument 33.2 KB
Concept Map_market structures_Lenz_Rieß.
Microsoft Word Dokument 282.2 KB
Microsoft Word Dokument 22.0 KB
Monopoly and Bankruptcy.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 10.8 MB
Worksheet Economics.docx
Microsoft Word Dokument 39.4 KB
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 54.7 MB
05_Concept Map Marktformen Elastizität M
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 3.5 MB

Elasticity, market forms, Monopols, Market failure, competition law, EU national, cartels

06 Business Cycles and Financial/Economic crises

Business Cycle, Measurement, Economic Crises, unemployment, business cycle Policies, Supply Side Economics, Demand Side Economics (Keynesian Economics)

05 a Concept map Konjunktur 4hrd.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 24.2 MB
Worksheet business cycle Schumpeter 4hrd
Microsoft Word Dokument 561.1 KB

Casestudies: Crisis of Capitalism (VLC player,...)

Chose 1 crises and make 1-2 page description of the respective crises. In addition make a short comparison to the corona crises. Where are similarities, where are differences?

1929 The great depression US and Europe/Austria

MP3 Audio Datei 20.4 MB

1638 Tulip crisis Netherlands

MP3 Audio Datei 20.0 MB

1970 - 1990 ... Deregulation of international Financial Markets / East Asia

MP3 Audio Datei 20.4 MB

2008 ... Global financial crisis 2008 and debts of US households

MP3 Audio Datei 19.5 MB

07 Employment, labor market, social policies

Occupation and earnings, trade unions, labour markets, unemployment, how to fight unemployment,

Social Policies: Health insurance, ...

Global Financial Crises 10 years after, what happened, Financialisation, lessons learned and evaluation

09 Money

Money and inflation.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 10.0 MB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.0 MB
CM Money Inflation and Deflation 4hlw 20
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 4.1 MB

Development, Institutions, Euro, ECB, Monetary Policy, inflation, deflation

10 Role of government, Tax, Budget

Budget, Tax System, Economic policy: government, Macro objectives, demand side, supply side, 

11 Europe

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.1 MB

Europe: Development, since 1960, Institutions, Policies, Future of Europe

State of the Union: Juncker September 2018

European Parliament

The European Council and the Council of the European Union

European Council sets the directions and priorities.

It does not negotiate or adopt EU laws.

It is made up from the heads of states or government from each EU country.

It meets at least 4 times a year.

Meetings are chaired by the president of the European Council, selected every 2,5 years (currently: Donald Tusk).

Council of the European Union: negotiates and adopts EU legislation together with the EU Parliament.

It is made up from national ministers grouped together by policy area (national education ministers, finance ministers)

It develops and adopts policies, concludes agreements and budgets.

Presidency rotates among the member states every 6 month

Council of Europe in Strasbourg is not an EU institution. 

It consists of 48 member states including the 27 EU states.

This is the continents leading human rights organisation. 

European Commission: The government of Europe

How does the EU pass new laws?

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik


12 International Economics, Globalisation, ...

Concept Map Mikrofinanzierung Englisch.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 469.2 KB

a) Globalisations, +/-, international organisations (WTO,...), trade

b) development countries, developed countries

c) balance of payment and international trade, trade wars


Atlas der Globalisierung: Trade and globalisation

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 22.7 MB

What is comparative advantage?


Tarifs & Protectionism

Arguments against international trade

History of economic thought


International Trade & Economic development

AA: Watch the videos below and write a short paper on International Trade & Economic development including:

  • What does trade have to do with economic development?
  • Explain the reasons, why some countries are Ruch and others not.
  • What are the main factors, which influence economic growth?
  • Which role play the key global trade organisations (WTO...) and what are the key aspects of fair trade?
  • What is Hajoon Changs perspective on free trade?

13 Sustainability

Theories of Economics

Choose a nobel price laureate for Economics and create a portrait on the person and the economic theory...







or any other important economist of your choice...


John Maynard Keynes (alt. BBC Documentation Masters of Money)

Theories of Economics: Karl Marx (alt. BBC Documentation Masters of Money)

Friedrich Hayek (alt. BBC Documentation: Masters of Money)

Game Theory

Behavioral Economics

Spieltheorie 4hlw 2020_21.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 43.1 MB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.9 MB

Economical Theories: Economics is for everyone...